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History of our Company

History of Kamitsu Winders

Up until the early 1930’s when Kamitsu was first established to manufacture winders for the Japanese market, it had been the custom to rely only on imported machines. Today , however, because of our success and long history of technical innovation in this field, our winder are accepted by customers all over the world.

Yodogawa Kogyosho (as the company was originally called ) was founded. R & D of drum-type winders was started.

Factory moved from Osaka to Kamitsu Village in Hyogo Prefecture and was re-named Kamitsu Seisakusho.

Obtained patent for high speed type RT (Rotary-Traverse) drum winders..

Kamitsu Seisakusho changed its name to Kamitsu Seisakusho Ltd.

The firs t production of high speed type RT drum winders started in Japan.

The origin of the carbon fiber take-up ET winder was developed.

Production of the first SP type precision winder started.

Textool Co., Ltd. of India and Kamitsu agreed on a technical tie-up for RT winders and DRT type assembly winders.

First take-up winders for carbon fiber were developed and delivery was started..

Kamitsu SSP – the second generation of precision winder development was completed and sales begun.

Construction of a new factory located in Sanda, Hyogo Pref. was completed and started operations.

The third generation Kamitsu SSP Precision Winder, SSP-MV economy type, was developed and sales started..

Sales of the SSP-MV increased worldwide, especially in the Turkish market.

Demand for PAN carbon fiber – EKTL type (for precursor) and EKTW-C type (for carbon fiber) for the aircraft industry increased sharply. Sales have grown rapidly and we now have more than 90% of the world market share in this field..

The new Osaka office opened and at the same time 2 new companies in the Group were added – Kamitsu Trading Co., Ltd. and a sister firm in Shanghai, China – Kamitsu Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. were established.

merged with Kamitsu Trading Co.,Ltd.


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