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Creel Stand BF

Kamitsu offers new compact type unwinding creel for high performance fibers like carbon fiber, glass fiber etc. Constant and stable unwinding tension can be fed from full package to the end without causing fiber twist.
The required tension can be easily obtained by changing package installing position. Simple and compact spindle unit has achieved its stand frame construction for wide range applications in several high layout with both single and double sides.

Outline spec

Type BF
Yarn type Carbon fiber, glass fiber, Aramid fiber etc.
Unrolling speed Max. 15m/min
Winding bobbin 76φ×280mm(length) 
Traverse length 10inch(254mm)
Winding package Max.250mmφ
Unwinding tension 1.47-2.94N(150-300gf)
or 2.94-5.88N(300-600gf)

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