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Take up winder ET

This is spindle drive type Take up winder to tae up yarn and coincide with the delivered speed from spinning, stretching or other particular manufacturing process.

Outline spec

Type ET
Yarn type Aramid fiber, Hollow yarn etc
Unrolling speed 50-900m/min
Winding package shape square end cheese (0-00’)
Traverse length 6inch(152mm), 8inch(203mm), 10inch(254mm), 12inch(305mm)
Winding package Max.φ300mm
Unwinding tension early tension0.49-29.4N(50-3000gf) than shorter
control devicedancer roller tension system
Pressure 24.5-34.3N(2500-3500gf) than shorter
Drive system 3 phase motor: 400W
Individual drive
Electrical device 3 phase,200/220V
※Step-down Toransformer will be reguired when using the machines at
the aria of Different power supply.

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