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Unroller & Twist UT

According to the demands for for applying a certain twist on delicate high performance fibers such as Carbon Fiber, Ceramic Fiber, Fiber Glass, etc., Kamitsu has developed a high speed Unrolling Twisting machine that does not cause damage to the fibers. The package is rotated in the cage and fiber is unrolled with uniform and constant twists.
Unwinding twists are eliminated during unwinding. The number of twists can be obtained by coordinating the unrolling speed with the cage RPM( Max.1,000 PRM). A machine with multi-built units can also be used as a doubling/ twisting machine.

Outline spec

Model UT
Yarn type Carbon fiber etc.
Number of filaments 1000-4000
Unrolling speed Depending on No. of twists
Feed bobbin ID76φ
Cage RPM Max. 600rpm(r/min)
Traverse length 10inch(254mm)
Feed package Max.φ254mm
Drive system Variable speed motor: KS100W
Simultaneous drive
Machine construction 1 spindle, 3spindles
Electrical device 3 phase,200/220V, 50/60HZ
※Step-down Toransformer will be reguired when using the machines at
the aria of Different power supply.

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