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Take up winder ARK-1000D

KAMITSU ARK-1000D is developed as the new generation machine for High Perfomance Fibers.

Outline Spec

Type ARK-1000D
Yarn type Hight performance fibers.
Number of filaments 170dtex. - 8,000dtex.
Unrolling speed Max.1,000m/min.
Winding package shape Square-end..(0°00′)
Winding bobbin Typepaper tube
SIZEφ93mm.(ID) x φ108mm.(OD) x 215mmL or 290mmL
Traverse length 190mm or 254mm.
Winding package Max.800mmφ
Winding weight Max.10kg/cop.
Winding tension early tension30cN - 1,000cN.
control deviceDancer roller controls tension and speed.
Pressure early tension100-600cN/2cop(1,000-6,000gf/2cop)than shorter
control deviceCompressed air.(by mean of regulator.)
Drive system AC motor, 1.5kw. X 2sets.
Individual drive
Traverse system Scroll cam traverse system.
Control system Central control system through control panel.
Parameters to be Control through panel Winding ratio, Full Package alarm.
Air pressure 0.5-0.6MPa(5-6kgf/cm2)
Power supply 3 phase 200V、50Hz/60Hz.
* Step-down Toransformer will be reguired when using the machines at
the aria of Different power supply.

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