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Take up winder EKTL-29D-300

EKTL is mainly used for large package winding including precursor of PAN carbon fiber and also heavy industrial yarn. Many models are available depending on package size.

Outline Spec

Type EKTL-29D-300
Yarn type thick denier filament etc
Number of filaments 1000-37500 Denier (3000-60000)
Unrolling speed Max.700m/min
Winding package shape square end cheese (0-00')
Winding bobbin Typepaper tube
SIZE144φ( ID ) / 820mm( length)
Traverse length 29inch(737mm)
Winding package Max.800mmφ
Winding weight Max.300kg
Unwinding tension early tension2.94-29.4N(300-3000gf) than shorter
control devicedancer roller tension device, Central control.
Pressure 39.2-176.4N(4000-18000gf) than shorter
Drive system geared motor : 3.7kW
Individual drive
Machine construction 1 bobbin(one machine)
Air pressure 0.5-0.6MPa(5-6kgf/cm2)
Electrical device 3 phase,200/220V, 50/60HZ
* Step-down Toransformer will be reguired when using the machines at
the aria of Different power supply.

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